About Carryout Courier

Carryout Courier is a restaurant delivery and catering delivery service in York and Lancaster PA. We delivery meals from more than 40 restaurants to homes, businesses and hotels.

In April 1994, Carryout Courier opened for business in York PA with 9 restaurants. They included Archie's Inn Towne (which became the Roosevelt Tavern), Chi Chi's, El Serrano's, Hunan East (which became Ginmiya), Isaac's, Rutter's (they had a sit down family style restaurant where the Metro Bank is on Mt Zion Rd), Shoney's and Wiener World.

In January 2002, we moved to our current location at 1301 N George St in York, PA in anticipation of needing more room for a Lancaster PA expansion. In March 2002, we opened a Lancaster location, delivering from 9 restaurants. They included Doc Hollidays, Gibralter, Walnut Street Grille (which became Lancaster Brewing), The Eatery, Garfields, Portofino (which became Stubby's), Smiley's Deli, Isaac's and Lemon Grass.

Over the years we have continue to add from our list of restaurants. Our focus has always been on providing a variety of quality offerings and maintaining good relations with our partner restaurants. We're proud to still do business with 5 out of the original 9 restaurants nearly 20 years later.

Our Primary Focus

Every day, our primary goal is to check your order to confirm that all items ordered are delivered. And deliver your order in the time that you were quoted. If we do run behind, we make you aware of the delays. And if a problems arises we try to resolve the issue to the guests satisfaction. We thank your for your continued support.

Our Staff Includes:

Chad Eisenhart - Founder/President

Chad attended Central York High School and graduated from Shippensburg University in December 1993, five months later Carryout Courier was open for business.


Donna K - York Dispatcher

Donna began working as the York location dispatcher in 1994 and was also born and raised in York. Donna’s personal hobbies include treasure hunting for antiques and making beaded flowers which she also sells on Etsy.com. A graduate of Central York High School, Donna has become a familiar and friendly voice, who caters to all of our customers.

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donna k

Danny V - York & Lancaster Dispatcher

Danny serves as a dispatcher for Carryout Courier’s York and Lancaster locations, and has been with us since 2012. Danny has a wide range of prior work experience and has become a well-rounded customer service specialist. He is a native of Miami, Fla., in addition to being a car enthusiast and movie buff when he is not answering the phones at Carryout Courier.

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danny v

Tom A - York Delivery Waiter

Tom has been a delivery waiter with us since 2001. Tom came to us with many years of experience in the restaurant business, including as the owner of his own restaurant. Tom is a real asset to Carryout Courier. He is a super quick driver and knows our delivery area in and out. Tom really enjoys delivering to many our regular customers and knows many on a first name basis.

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tom a - delivery waiter

Jess E - Customer Service Representative

Jess has need a part time customer service person with us since mid 2014. Although we only are lucky to have Jess with us a few evenings each week, she does a great job when there. We can always count on her to take all the time needed to ensure she helps the customer get their order correct. Before coming to work with us she was a regular corporate customer with her full time job where she is in charge of having lunches brought in for business meetings.

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jess e

Corie C - York Dispatcher

Corie arrived at Carryout Courier in early 2016 and works as a dispatcher the York location while occasionally filling in as a delivery driver, primarily in York, but occasionally in Lancaster. She comes to Carryout Courier with a unique background as a former truck driver and ice hockey player, who is also very handy in restoring old furniture.

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Brian U - York Delivery Waiter

Brian started with Carryout Courier in 2005 (over 10 years ago) and has been great to work with from the start. He is one of the friendliest people we have working here. Brian knows our business is focused on satisfying the customers. No matter what their special request they asked for from the restaurant he does his best to see they get what they want.

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John N - Lancaster Delivery Waiter

John has been with our Lancaster office for over nine years. He loves getting to meet new people and has developed some lasting relationship with some of our customers, other employees and restaurant staff. We can always count on John to help us out in a pinch. Like many of our employees he is really dependable and great to work with.

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More staff profiles coming soon

We gradually are working on a blog post on each of our awesome employees. Please check back for updated profiles on our great staff of meal delivery and catering experts.